Why choose us?

Sound Children is much more than just a range of Music Kits.

Sound Children gives you a complete approach to Early Years music: instruments + teaching guidance + support + training.

If you buy a Sound Children Music Kit or instrument we promise to look after you and give you the extra help and support you need to make the most of it. We want you to realise your musical potential at the same time as you help your children realise theirs and that's why we put Music Cards or Guides in all our Kits and why we've added on lots of free after sales support. Sound Children is not yet another company trying to get you to spend your money on resources that may or may not work: we'll always be ready to answer your questions and help in any way we can. We fully guarantee all our products and we promise to listen very carefully to any feedback you send us and to respond promptly.

  • The approach is tried and tested - annA and Orly have been successfully using the techniques and instruments for many years, with amazing results.
  • The approach is inclusive and accessible - it's intrinsically cross-cultural and SEN-friendly, and so are the instruments.
  • It's a real learning experience for both parent/professionals and for children.
  • It’s supported by the most modern scientific research and it’s consistent with the most ancient folk wisdom.

We really wil help you and your children to develop into musicians, naturally