Djembe - budget - 3" diameter, 12cm high - painted

This is the smallest of our djembes but makes a surprisingly good sound.

It is really good for young children because it can be handled easily and carried around. Being small it makes a higher sound than all the rest of our djembes so is a useful addition to a djembe collection.

Comes with wooden beater.

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More about the Djembe - budget - 3" diameter, 12cm high - painted

The easiest way is to hold it in one hand and hit it using the flat of your other hand.

Very young children will also want to stand the djembe on the floor and hit it with their hands. This makes a more dampened sound. Think of the hole in the bottom of the djembe as its mouth - that's where most of the sound comes out.

You can also use a small beater or two as long as you don't hit it too hard. It's also ideal for using fingers to tap out rhythms.

It can be played with the wooden drumstick supplied free with each drum. Coffee stirrers from coffee shops also work well, as will any lightweight stick. When using your fingers it's best to flick them quickly, so that they just touch the skin for an instant before bouncing off again.