Floor Cushion - 4 pack

Round floor cushions in a variety of colours. This 4 pack gives you an extra discount on the basic cushion price. These are really comfortable, all-natural floor cushions that will (in the immortal words of one of our customers) "make your posterior feel like a king!"

These Gamelan Cushions have strong washable canvas covers and insides that are filled with natural kapok fibres. Kapok is a wonderful material - incredibly comfortable, and naturally fire-retardant, mould-resistant and water-repellent. It's also used as a filler for life jackets! The colours are fast and the canvas is very strong so the covers can be washed (cold or warm water) over and over again. The covers come in a range of colours.

The cushions are perfect for gamelan or general classroom use, especially for Ealry Years. They're particularly good for the EY Music Maker, the Mini Music Maker and for general use both on the floor and on chairs.

2+ Years
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V-cush4 £78.57   £55.00

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