Little Birdsong Treasure Basket - 22 Instruments

Formerly called the Music House Treasure Basket this wonderful instrument collection has been completely re-designed and upgraded by our expert friends at London's Music House for Children and is part of their Little Birdsong range of Early Years music resources. It now contains 22 instruments and is perfect for Nurseries and for use at home. There's a wide range of different instruments here, with extras of some of the more versatile ones, together with great new song cards and CD for parents and practitioners.

Please note that the collection is intended for 1 year olds upwards and also that these are not toys but real musical instruments (just like professional ones but in most cases scaled-down to suit smaller players) and that the younger children will need close supervision. Do let the children explore and play independently as well as together with parents and/or practitioners but do always keep an eye on things. 

It's our experience that both children and grown-ups get so much more out of music-making by playing together. Music-making is a powerful learning experience for grown-ups as well as children and learning and exploring together multiplies the benefits for everyone.

The Little Birdsong Nursery Treasure Basket was awarded the Bronze award in the Practical Pre-School Awards 2016.

1+ Years
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More about the Little Birdsong Treasure Basket - 22 Instruments

The basket comes complete with 4 Little Birdsong Music Cards and a CD which will give you lots of inspiration and ideas for music-making with your very little ones.

What's included

All the instruments are "pick up and play " - they don't really need any instruction - and include.

Animal clacker - Early Years
Animal tambourine - Early Years
Basket - bamboo 26cm - medium
Bento shaker - Early Years
Caxixi shaker
Chime bar - 1 note - stainless
Djembe - budget - 2" diameter, 12cm high - carved
Djembe - budget - 3" diameter, 15cm high - carved
Egg on stick - 5cm small - Early Years
Egg on stick - 7cm medium - Early Years
Egg shaker - 5cm small - Early Years
Egg shaker - 7cm medium - Early Years
Guiro shaker - 11cm - Early Years
Heart shaker
Jingle ball - Early Years
Jingle bells - Early Years
Kenari shaker
Little Birdsong CD
Little Birdsong Music Cards
Pad shaker - medium - 9 x 15cm
Pangi shaker - Early Years
Squeezer shaker
Tik tok - Early Years
2 x Clapsticks (claves) - Early Years
2 x Drum beater - Early Years

Depending on stock we may occasionally need to make changes to the above list, but we'll always guarantee quality and value.

What goes well with the Little Birdsong Treasure Basket - 22 Instruments

How the Little Birdsong Treasure Basket - 22 Instruments is made

All our instruments, and the baskets, are made in Bali using natural and local materials. Many are made to our designs in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low stress, clean and safe type of work.
The beautiful and sturdy baskets are woven by hand from bamboo or palm fibres and are traditionally used by Balinese artists, musicians and dancers for carrying their costumes and materials.

How to look after the Little Birdsong Treasure Basket - 22 Instruments

None of the instruments need any special maintenance. Just be careful not to let the basket and contents get damp and don't put it on radiator or anywhere too hot. The instruments are tough but they're still musical instruments and not toys and need to be treated with respect. Small children should of course be continuously supervised.