Ceng ceng turtle

A fabulous turtle cengceng, just like the Balinese originals but using steel instead of bronze.

There are six single cengceng (small cymbals) attached to the turtle's body and these are played by a single musician using a pair of unattached cengceng.

This is a lovely instrument for young children with it's enticing design and gold colour.

We have included this instrument in our Big Stuff Kit.

N.B. For SEN settings - please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials. 

1+ Years
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More about the Ceng ceng turtle

Put the Cengceng Turtle in front of you on the floor and, using the two loose cymbals, hit the six cymbals with them. They don't need to ring out as the traditional sound is to make a rhythmic clashing sound.

You can also brush the loose cymbals against the positioned cymbals. The loose cymbals can also be used on their own.

Two children can use this instrument together using one cymbal each. Young children love to experiment with counting the cymbals and hitting them each individually.

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