Little Hands Starter Basket - 5 instruments

Two shakers, a bamboo drum, an owl sound and a delightful jingle ball, altogether with a EY size music bracelet, a copy of our “Grown-Up's Guide” of musical activities and a beautiful bamboo basket to keep everything in. A brilliant value starter pack for very young musicians and a brilliantly discounted price.

1+ Years
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The children and staff are thoroughly enjoying using the Little Hands Starter Basket and the Egg Basket. All arrived_in perfect condition.
Hipswell Village Kindergarten
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More about the Little Hands Starter Basket - 5 instruments

All the instruments are "pick up and play " - they don't really need any instruction.
The basket comes complete with a copy of our brilliant “Grown-Up’s Guide”, 16 pages of practical and creative musical activities for developing well-balanced young musicians. The Guide has been written especially for non-musicians ad is in three main sections: Exploring Sounds, Making Music and Using the Instruments to Improve Learning. It covers amongst other topics:
Creating Sounds
Sorting Sounds
Talking Sounds
Playing Pictures
Exporing & Building with Rhythms
What Animal is That?
Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales
Mixing Rhythms
and the final section shows how music and rhythm can tansform other fields of learning, from counting to phonetics, making them easy and fun to learn.

What's included

Set includes: 1 x Bamboo Mini Drum (13cm diameter), 1 x Owl Sound, 1 x Egg on a Stick (5cm), 1 x Jingle Ball, 1 x Kenari Shaker EY, 1 x Music Bracelet, 1 x Activity Guide

Depending on stock we may occasionally need to make changes to the above list, but we'll always guarantee quality and value.

What goes well with the Little Hands Starter Basket - 5 instruments

How the Little Hands Starter Basket - 5 instruments is made

All our instruments, and the baskets, are made in Bali using natural and local materials. Most are made to our designs in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low stress, clean and safe type of work.The jingle bell is from cast bronze and is made using traditional casting methods.
The beautiful and sturdy baskets are woven by hand from bamboo fibres and are traditionally used by Balinese artists, musicians and dancers for carrying their costumes and materials.

How to look after the Little Hands Starter Basket - 5 instruments

None of the instruments need any special maintenance. Just be careful not to let the basket and contents get damp and don't put it on radiator or anywhere too hot. The instruments are tough but they're still instruments and need to be treated with respect and very small children should be continuously supervised.