Coconut drum

This is a really simple instrument that can produce a wide range of sounds, including a realistic clippity-clop. It is a type of woodblock but it has a satisfying wood sound rather than the usual penetrating harsh sound of a conventional woodblock.

It is a light and tactile instrument easily held in the palm of your hand.

This is a useful additional instrument to those in our Music Kits.

2+ Years
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More about the Coconut drum

Hold in one hand and hit the flat surface with the beater provided. 

If you place a few of them on something like a jumper or a duvet, you can play them with two beaters making different sounds. Each coconut drum has a different tone so this will sound good.

By holding the instrument and covering the hole and uncovering it while playing it, you will find other tones. Try using different beaters or even your finger tips for different sounds.

A very satisfying clippity-clop sound.

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