Bird wind-chime

A beautiful and ingenious wind chime, perfect for inside or out.

The bird and chicks move very realistically all by itself and the sound is wonderful.

The bamboo tubes make a typical wood windchime sound when the wind blows but it can also be played by pulling the string.

3+ Years
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More about the Bird wind-chime

Leave it hanging up outside and let the wind play it. You can also play it yourself by moving the string to play the chimes.

This instrument can be used for very young children by hanging it up and letting them find it, talk about it, play it and hear it being played by the wind.

What's included

Wind chimes are chimes constructed from suspended tubes, rods or other objects and are often made of metal or wood. Wind chimes are usually hung outside of a building or residence, as a visual and aural garden ornament, and are to be played by the wind.

Modern wind chimes have their origins in Indian wind bells. By the second century CE, these wind bells were being suspended on the corners of large pagodas with the purpose of scaring away birds and evil spirits. Later, wind bells were introduced to China and were also hung in temples, palaces and homes. Japanese glass wind bells known as Fūrin (風鈴) have been produced since the Edo Period, and those at Mizusawa Station are one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan. Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in parts of Asia and are used in Feng Shui.

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