Chime bar - 15 notes - stainless

This 15-key meditation chime is a remarkably resonant instrument which has an amazing length of sound. It is quite large and the15 tuned tones make it a powerful sound.

Not only do the tones persist for ages, there's a wonderful cumulative effect from sounding two or more tones at the same time.

If you find the notes don't last so long, try moving the bars slightly as once they're suspended properly they can resonate freely and for ages. Unlike most of our instruments this chime is tuned to the western dodecaphonic scale.

This is a beautiful addition to your instrument collection for young children as it has many pitches and children will enjoy finding their own tunes.

Some of our Music Kits contain the one-bar version of this.

4+ Years
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More about the Chime bar - 15 notes - stainless

Use the beater provided and hit the notes. As simple as that.

However if you want to make the sound more interesting you can use the damping method by placing your thumb over the note once you've hit it so it stops the sound - you can make it a rhythmic instrument in that way.

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