Musical Baby Bonding Kit - 8 instruments

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This award-winning kit includes 8 specially chosen instruments and baby expert Orly Zalel's Musical Baby Bonding Guide and CD, all in a handy natural storage basket.

The programme of active musical engagement set out in the Guide is vitally important in promoting listening, learning and communication skills. The sounds, shapes and textures of the instruments stimulate babies' innate abilities.

All over the world, and within different cultures, bonds with newborn babies develop through music, sound and movement. In the past, as today, babies learnt about life through songs, rhymes, musical instruments and dances that are used spontaneously within the close family.

N.B. For SEN settings - please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

2+ Month
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We love the natural materials the instruments and basket are made of. We definitely recommend the Kit to enhance the bond between key persons and babies and to support the settling in procedures.
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More about the Musical Baby Bonding Kit - 8 instruments

The Musical Baby Bonding Kit won the Silver Award at the 2012 Practical Preschool Awards. Click on the image below to see the judges comments.

All of the 8 musical instruments included in the kit are suitable for babies' listening and learning skills from birth. For example babies from the age of 5 weeks can start exploring the mini wind chime, by touching, grasping, pulling and swaying its rods. Playing this instrument is a joyful experience when it is hung safely at a comfortable height or held by an adult. The beautiful soothing sound and the gentle movement captivate very young babies' attention for long magical moments.

Placing the instrument close to the baby’s face and hands and gently stroking it, will support the development of the baby’s listening skills. To prolong interest and stimulate curiosity, move the instrument slowly and carefully from side to side and up and down, constantly keeping it within the baby’s sight.

What's included

The Kit contains: Musical Baby Bonding Guide & CD, Mini Wind Chime, Kenari Mini Shaker, Cascas, Egg Shaker 7cm, Horio Shaker Small, 12cm Djembe, Squeezer Shaker, Egg on Stick 5cm, "What It's Called + Where It's From" card, Bamboo Basket

What goes well with the Musical Baby Bonding Kit - 8 instruments

How the Musical Baby Bonding Kit - 8 instruments is made

All our instruments, and the baskets, are made in Bali using natural and local materials and following Fair Trade principles. Most are made to our designs in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low stress, clean and safe type of work. The beautiful and sturdy basket is woven by hand from bamboo fibres and are traditionally used by Balinese artists, musicians and dancers for carrying their costumes and materials.

How to look after the Musical Baby Bonding Kit - 8 instruments

Firstly, never leave any kind of musical instrument with unattended babies, toddlers and young children under the age of 4. Secondly, if it gets dirty or sticky just wipe down with a damp cloth, otherwise it shouldn't need any maintenance.Thirdly, keep all the musical instruments in the bamboo basket, and place it on a high shelf or inside a cupboard. When playing the musical instruments sit and explore the instruments together with your babies and toddlers. The best environment for making music with your baby is a tidy and quiet room. Playing  and learning music is a lifelong and joyful journey and, with a little care and awareness, it really is possible for parents and carers to contribute to our children's musical  development and to have great fun in the process.