30 painted egg shakers

30 hand painted wooden eggs, each 7cm long and packed in their own natural cotton or palm leaf container. The eggs are beautifully tactile and are hand made from sustainable mahogany.

Four Egg Shaker Song Cards and accompanying recordings by our wonderful friends Little Bird Song can be downloaded FREE from their website by clicking this link:


N.B. For SEN settings - please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

1+ Years
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The children and staff are thoroughly enjoying using the Little Hands Starter Basket and the Egg Basket. All arrived in perfect condition.
Hipswell Village Kindergarten
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More about the 30 painted egg shakers

This such a good idea and everyone loves collections of things. These eggs are enthralling for children and adults alike because they are so much more than just egg shakers…

Children play them, arrange them, sort them, count them, give them out, collect them in, hide them, find them, role-play (mostly being chickens!) with them, tell stories using them, roll them, place them and more.

The discoveries and explorations are endless. As well as all this, the engravings on the eggs which have been designed by young children in a school in Bali, inspire questions, stories and comments.

The eggs are also extremely ‘danceable’ meaning that children seem to want to move around while holding one in each hand. Children often like to take these eggs outside and move around or put them in their pockets…

And, of course, children love to shake each one finding all the different sounds and ways of playing.

What's included

Contents: 100 natural mahogany egg shakers in a cotton bag or palm basket (subect to availability).

 Four Egg Shaker Song Cards and accompanying recordings by our wonderful friends Little Bird Song can be downloaded FREE from their website by clicking this link: www.littlebirdsong.co.uk/eggshakersongs

What goes well with the 30 painted egg shakers

Surprisingly, egg shakers go very well with drums which is why we have made a kit called Drums n Eggs. The egg shakers are a good consistent rhythmic instrument and drums can provide a solid beat for them. The sounds of the shakers can cut through most drum sounds.

The eggs will also go well with the Nursery Rhythm Kit because that kit is mainly made up of ‘hitting’ instruments of different types.

If you want a larger variety of shakers to go with eggs, the Nursery Shaker kit has several other types of shakers which will go very well.

How the 30 painted egg shakers is made

All our instruments, and the baskets, are made by hand in Bali using natural and local materials. 

The beautiful and sturdy baskets are woven by hand from bamboo fibres and are used by Balinese artists, musicians and dancers for carrying their costumes and materials.

How to look after the 30 painted egg shakers

Encourage children to retrieve, count and put all 100 eggs back into the basket together with the cards after using them – it’ll be less likely you’ll lose or break any.

Watch out for any splits in the surfaces of the eggs especially if children have been quite physical with them or have dropped or thrown any. (Try to dissuade throwing unless they are definitely going to catch them!)

All is not lost if you have split egg – depending on the size of the split you can mend the egg with electrical tape wrapped round and round the egg. Get the children involved in the mending to show that it’s important to pay attention to breakages and not just throw them away. Children will get a lot out of discussing the damage and getting involved in ideas about mending. This is just another adventure with the eggs if it happens and it will provoke questions, ideas and comments.