Certified MBB Training Course Level 2

This Level 2 course is for experienced music educators and music therapists who have already completed the Level 1 Training Course. On completing Level 2 the student will be qualified to run the Musical Baby Bonding courses for groups of up to 8 babies aged 9-19 weeks, and will be awarded the Musical Baby Bonding Teacher certificate.

This is an online/Skype training course for individual practitioners. The training will be delivered one-to-one by Orly Zalel, the creator of the Musical Baby Bonding Programme. The course can be completed at a rate which is convenient for the trainee and Orly. Orly also provides on-going support by email. Please note that a good internet connection is essential.

For more information please visit musicalbabybonding.com  
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More about the Certified MBB Training Course Level 2

 Program Goals

New teachers will learn how to: 

  • Enhance the parent's awareness of the communication developmental phases of babies through observation.
  • Encourage the parent to interact with their babies through singing, dancing and playing music.
  • Teach the parent how to facilitate the babies’ communication skills by listening and tuning-in to their babies’ signs by using simple nursery rhymes and musical instruments.
  • Promote the babies’ acquisition of communication developmental milestones (eye contact, listening, vocalization, raising hands, grasping and attentiveness).
  • Facilitate the babies’ auditory, visual, and balance systems through primary musical experiences.
  • Help the babies to develop their sound and vocal exploring ability.
  • Enhance the babies’ cognitive skills (i.e. the ability to explore, think, and conceptualize) by gradually exposing them to music and movement stimuli.
  • Stimulate the babies’ sensory system by playing a variety of selected authentic instruments.

Trained teachers will show parents how to benefit from Musical Baby Bonding time:

  • The parents will develop bonding / communications skills with the babies’ through singing, dancing and playing music.
  • The parents will learn various suitable activities that enhance the babies’ communication, motor, cognitive and emotional abilities. 
  • The parents will become familiar with communication developmental phases (eye contact, listening and attentiveness) during the first year of life; from birth to one year.
  • The parents will learn to tune-in their babies’ signs and understand their needs through observation.

What's included

During the training we will address issues such as:

1. What are the benefits of making music with very young babies?

2. How to achieve a good music making time with newborn babies?

3. Which instruments are to be presented?

4. How should we sing and play with babies?

6. Logistically, when, where and for how long is it best to do it?

7. What should we expect from the babies?

In the MBB student's pack you will find:

Suitable musical materials (baby songs, nursery rhymes, pieces of music, instruction for dancing and movement) the MBB Introductory Film, the MBB Parents' Guide, relevant articles, lesson plan, course plan.

For the certificate a student needs to complete 3 case studies.

The number of Skype sessions is not limited and full support is available from Orly for one year.