Pulse and Play SEN Kit - 12 instruments

The 'Pulse and Play' kit is a natural extension of our Entry Level 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' Kit, adding tone, pitch discord and harmony. There is more to delight in, broadening your experience of listening, music making and sound play. Still easy, still refreshingly simple, still limitless in scope yet with a wider sound base. It becomes even more fun and builds choice and challenge to your musical stories and sound-scapes.

3+ Years
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Pack contents include:

1 x Rainstick - bamboo - 100cm - painted
1 x Rainstick - bamboo - 20cm - painted
1 x Rainstick - bamboo - 40cm - painted
1 x Rainstick - bamboo - 60cm - painted
1 x Rainstick - bamboo - 80cm - painted
1 x Supermini kenkeni - bamboo - 10" diameter, 30cm high
1 x Chime bar - 1 note - stainless

1x Chime bar - 3 notes - stainless
4 x Ceng ceng - 18cm (pair)


The following teaching support materials are also included with orders:

SEN Music and Sound Play (an introduction for non specialists)

SEN Music Making - set of A3 posters summarising the benefits of different instruments in terms of A. Sensory and Physical Needs; B. Social, Emotional and Mental Health; C. Communicaiton and Interaction; D. Cognition and Learning

Instrument Cards - A5 Cards for each instrument in the kit, giving an overview of the benefits as set out on the SEN Music Making posters

What's included