Ocean drum - 12" (30cm) diameter - natural

This instrument makes a sound just like waves breaking gently on the beach. Relaxing to listen to, easy to play and great for learning fine motor control and coordination. Very young children, including babies, love to touch, move and feel the vibration of this ocean drum.

This double-sided drum has metal and plastic beads inside to produce the "ocean" effect and has a diameter of 30cm. Also available in painted fish and sea motifs.

We have included smaller version painted ocean drums in our Nursery Shaker Music Kit and a 40cm painted version in our Big Stuff Kit.


N.B. For SEN settings - please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

6+ Month
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More about the Ocean drum - 12" (30cm) diameter - natural

It is really a huge flat shaker but you play it with very small movements. Hold the ocean drum in both your hands and tip it gently to one side to make the 'wave' sound. Experiment with other ways of playing by holding it vertically and or tipping it faster.

This ocean drum has a handle which enables it to be shaken like a shaker as well as being tipped. It also helps with carrying the instrument around and is light enough for the children to carry.

Because this drum is light and the skins are slightly see-through, children like to try holding it up above their heads towards the light so that they can see the beads moving about inside. 

It is also ok to use a very soft beater on the skin which will make a damped drum sound.

(Don't use a hard beater as really this ocean drum is designed for tipping and shaking rather than being used as a conventional drum so you might end up with a split drumskin.)

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