Little Birdsong Baby Bag - 3 Instruments

This small and beautifully formed instrument collection has been designed by our expert friends at London's Music House for Children. The three natural, tactile instruments fit into a raw cotton bag, together with 4 Song cards. The bag will slip easily into a handbag so you can take it with you for short musical sessions everywhere.

5+ Month
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More about the Little Birdsong Baby Bag - 3 Instruments

The basket comes complete with 4 Little Birdsong Music Cards which will give you inspiration and ideas for music-making with your very little one.

What's included

The instruments are "pick up and play " - they don't really need any instruction - and include.

Egg on stick - 5cm small - Early Years
Jingle bells - Early Years
Djembe - budget - 2" diameter, 12cm high - carved

Depending on stock we may occasionally need to make changes to the above list, but we'll always guarantee quality and value.

What goes well with the Little Birdsong Baby Bag - 3 Instruments

How the Little Birdsong Baby Bag - 3 Instruments is made

All our instruments and the cotton bag are made in Bali using natural and local materials. Most are made to our designs in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low stress, clean and safe type of work.

How to look after the Little Birdsong Baby Bag - 3 Instruments

None of the instruments need any special maintenance. Just be careful not to let the basket and contents get damp and don't put it on radiator or anywhere too hot. The instruments are tough but they're still musical instruments and not toys and need to be treated with respect. Small children should of course be continuously supervised.