Monkey drum - 3" diameter

This is a small drum on the end of a stick which is played by the beads hitting the surface when you move it.

Young children like to get their hands on this instrument which is why we've included it in our Lots Of Littles Kit. It is quite a challenge to play this instrument in time but very makes a satisfying clacky sound. It is even more enticing because it is painted with a cryptic animal which children love to identify and talk about.

It's played by vigorously twisting it to make the fast rattling sound.

3+ Years
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More about the Monkey drum - 3" diameter

Roll the drum handle between your palms to make the beads hit the drum with a rapid clak, clak, clak, clak, clak . . .

Or, in one hand, twist the stick very fast turning your wrist which produces the same effect. This is a hard instrument to play in time but this is also a good challenge. Even better try one in each hand!

If using with very small children, don't leave them unattended as the beads look good enough to eat!

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