Thunder drum - painted - 30cm

An amazing instrument producing a fantastic roaring thunder sound. This larger thunder drum is suitable for older Early Years children from about 3 upwards. A fantastic addition to your musical instruments, the thunder drum is not only a surprising sound, it is also fascinating working out how the sound is made...

This is a great instrument for that one child who likes to explore things by themselves.

We have included the smaller versions of this thunder drum in our Lots Of Littles and Big Stuff Music Kits. 

2+ Years
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More about the Thunder drum - painted - 30cm

Hold the instrument with the spring dangling down and shake it from side to side very fast by turning your wrist quickly from side to side. You can stop the sound just by gently holding the spring. Try talking, singing or shouting down into the drum while shaking it - this will produce an echoey voice. 

Put the instrument to your ear and listen - again, you will get an echoey sound. Even better - put one over each ear and just walk slowly around letting the springs slightly jiggle.

If you happen to have something like a trumpet, try putting it over the end of the trumpet and playing into the thunder drum.

Maybe you can tell us some more ways you've used this amazing instrument...?

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