Buzzer - bamboo - 35cm small

The smallest and highest sounding of three bamboo buzzers, each beautifully decorated and each producing a different tone - but not like anything you'll have heard before! The bamboo tunbes are deliberately split most of the way down and the characteristic sound is produced by the vibration of the two sides of the buzzer, which pass the vibration to the air in the bamboo tube.

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4+ Years
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Played by striking the open end of the tube against something soft yet firm - your knee or the fleshy part at the base of your thumb, for example. You can also produce two sets of overtones on each buzzer by covering one or both of the two holes in the handle. Try playing two different sized buzzers at the same time (one for each knee) or better still play in a group with one each. Start with a basic rhythm and see what happens.

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