Harmonica (mouthorgan) in C

This is a good quality harmonica in its own protective case. These are brilliant instruments for very young players and they encourage non verbal communication.

Because they are small and robust as well as being a very easy instrument to play, these are really great for children as young as one. Children love having their own harmonicas and using them outside as well as in.

Easy to clean by using the same sterilising fluid as for babies bottles.

1+ Years
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W-harmC £3.00

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More about the Harmonica (mouthorgan) in C

As a harmonica can be played by blowing and breathing in it is incredibly easy to play. You need to put your lips over the notes to get the notes. It works by air passing over very small metal reeds inside which vibrate causing a tone to be produced.

Most times you will get lots of notes at once but it is possible to play tunes with a bit more practice. There are many interesting and different ways children find to play these which are all fun and valid. It is also interesting to see what happens when you offer harmonicas to every child - see what they do with them outside, at break-times and when they all play at once!

These are in C so can be used to play with all sorts of pitched percussion and other instruments.