Long clacker

This is a classic Indonesian instrument. It's a longer version of our animal clacker and is a bit trickier to play. This one is made of pine wood and makes a lighter sound than the coconut one.

A favourite with young children because it's long and big and interesting this is included in our Big Stuff Kit.

3+ Years
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More about the Long clacker

Hold an end of the clacker in each hand with the wooden panes hanging loosely down. Then, holding one hand steady, use the other hand to flick the wooden panes in a wave in the direction of the steady hand. As soon as the wave arrives at the steady hand you can use the previously steady hand to flick them back the other way - and so on. Be sure to hold the clacker in a straight line, othewise the waves will get lost before they reach the other end. Great for making quite complex rhythms.

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