An amusing instrument, easy and fun to play.

Children love these 'animal' instruments and this one makes a good woodblock-type sound.

We have put two of these in our Lots of Littles Music Kit.

Also makes a great knocker for a bedroom door.

3+ Years
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Love all the sounds
Doncaster Arts
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More about the Woodpecker

To play hold the block vertically - so that it looks as if the woodpecker is on the trunk of a tree - and pull the string in a straight line downwards. Best to wrap the string once round a finger before tapping away. You'll be amazed at the speed and complexity fo the rhythms you can produce. You must try to hold the block so you are not damping the sound because the block is the resonator so try not to grip it too firmly or to cover the hole or slits.

You can also bypass the string and just tap the woodpecker head straight onto the wood to get a more direct sound.

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