Frog Scraper - medium - Early Years

These are very popular scraper/woodblock instruments in the shape of a frog. Made of wood and decorated with designs created by Balinese Primary school children this makes a satisfying wood scraping and knocking sound.

Young children especially like instruments which are animal-shaped and these frogs come in several sizes. This one is the medium one.

This frog scraper is in our Nursery Starter, Nursery Rhythm and Lots of Littles Music Kits.

2+ Years
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More about the Frog Scraper - medium - Early Years

Hold the frog lightly in one hand and scrape the stick over its back. Using the thick end of the scraper to scrape is a better and louder sound so hold the beater by the thin end.

Tap it on the 'mouth' and you can make a woodblock sound. Tap over different areas of the instrument and find different slightly different wood sounds.

Line up several frogs on the floor and play all of them - you'll because they are different tones and pitches they will make little tunes.