Clapsticks (claves) - Early Years

These 'clapsticks' are like claves but made of lighter wood. They are tactile to hold and robust enough for young children.

There are quite a few ways of playing these clapsticks as you'll see!

We have included these in our Lots Of Littles Music Kit.

1+ Years
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More about the Clapsticks (claves) - Early Years

Claves or clapsticks are played in a few different ways. The best way of getting a resonant sound from hitting two sticks of wood together is to hold one in the palm of your hand clsoing your thumb against the side of your hand to make a sort of dip. Place one of the clapsticks across that hand so that underneath you have formed a sort of resonanting bowl in your palm. Then hit that clapstick with the other one in the middle. This makes the conventional woody 'clave' sound.

You'll find if you show children this way, they will get the hang of it pretty quickly but the easier way is to hold one in each hand and hit them against each other.

You can also play these clapsticks by holding them widthways in one hand and trying to hit them together by clenching your hand. this is quite difficult but satisfying as they make a laidback kind of sound and, best of all, frees up your other hand to play another instrument at the same time.

Another way to play is to use the bodhran technique which is to hold one stick still while using the other stick by flicking it against the still one. It isn't a hitting motion - it's a flicking motion.