Nursery Shaker Kit - 15 Instruments

There's lots of variety of shakers here to encourage all sorts of movements and interactions. These are easy instruments to handle and to get a sound out of. Up to 14 children can play together with an adult and it's brilliant for around 7 children at a time. A full set of 30 Music Cards and "Where it's from" card are included and everything fits neatly into the bamboo storage basket, so it doesn't take up much space. For 3 years and over.


N.B. For Early Years settings please note:

A. Our products are musical instruments, not toys, and should always be used under the supervision of responsible educationalists and carers and not left with children under 3 years of age to play with by themselves.

B. Please follow the simple “Good Practice” guidelines set out in the "Traditionally" section below.


For SEN settings: please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.


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The children have learnt a range of things: they are learning what the different instruments are, how to use them, what to do with them, what they're called, the shapes of instruments, the patterns on the instruments, what they're made out of, where they come from, how the instruments got there.
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More about the Nursery Shaker Kit - 15 Instruments

This kit is lots of shakers which we've put together because shakers are one of the easiest instruments to make a sound with - you just hold and shake. These are all different types - shakers with the sound made inside, shakers with the sounds made outside, shakers with metal, shakers with wood, a squeezer shaker and then the shakers are interesting shapes and sizes from small to large, from egg-shaped to animal-shaped and a medium-sized drum is included for you to lead the group if you need or want to, or for a child to play. it's an ideal kit for very young children because there are no beaters and the shakers are easy to hold. There are pairs are instruments so that people can swap round and get to play everything, but also so that pairs of children will feel encouraged to play with each other.

What goes well with the Nursery Shaker Kit - 15 Instruments

The ideal twin to this kit is the Nursery Rhythm Kit. It contains 15 more beautiful instruments all different to the instruments in the Nursery Shaker Kit because they are mainly hitting instruments such as woodblocks and drums. Together the kits provide 30 instruments which is hopefully enough for a whole class of young children. This Shaker kit will also work very well as accompaniment to any other instruments and are particularly great for children moving and dancing as they can hold most of these shakers with one hand. Children love to move about with shakers.

How the Nursery Shaker Kit - 15 Instruments is made

Good Practice Guide

Early Years Musical Instruments & Music Kits


Please always remember that Sound Children and Drums for Schools Early Years products are musical instruments and NOT toys and should be used with young children only under the close supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. By following these simple guidelines you will ensure the children’s learning, development and enjoyment of playing music, as well as their safety.


  1. Bring the instruments out just for music sessions, and put them away afterwards (the children will love to help!). This keeps the instruments “special” and it avoids any risk of them being damaged in the course of unsupervised play, without your realising it.


  1. Make sure your music sessions take place on a soft surface, whether inside or out. 


  1. By your own example encourage the children to treat the little instruments as we treat full size orchestral instruments - with sensitivity, gentleness and care. 


  1. Never allow children to play with any instrument unless closely supervised and don’t let any child suck or bite any part of any instrument.


  1. Don’t let a child of any age play any musical instrument aggressively, especially close the ear, as we must take care to avoid any risk to their hearing.


  1. After each music session, wipe down the instruments with a damp cloth if they’re grubby (fine to use a mild disinfectant solution) and check for any loose parts (tug on any strings) or cracks. If in any doubt, remove a damaged instrument from use and contact us for further advice (sending us a photo is a good start).


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How to look after the Nursery Shaker Kit - 15 Instruments

As with all shakers, there are moving parts so keep an eye out for splits on the surfaces of the ones containing beads (squeezer shaker, jingle ball shaker, ocean drums). You can choose to throw them away or, what might be more interesting for the children, show them what's inside, have a discussion, decide what to do - perhaps experiment with ideas for mending and then possibly keep the shaker but without the beads in it. This can be a lovely learning opportunity as well as the making-music bit. it's best not to hit the ocean drum hard with any sticks or spoons - the skin won't take it and could break. If your ocean drum seems floppy then it's because it's got damp or been left outside. It will recover if left outside - just warm it up in the sun or on a radiator and the skin will tighten itself. Finally encourage everyone to put all the instruments and cards back into the basket and make it part of the music-making - in that way you're less likely to lose or break instruments.