Lots of Littles Kit - 60 instruments

Winner of the Gold Award in the Practical Preschool Awards 2013, this large Music Kit contains 60 instruments and is perfect for exploring instruments with groups of up to 15 children, or, if you have the room, with a whole class of 30+ children and adults too. There's a full set of 30 Music Cards and a "What It's Called + Where It's From" card, that will tell you about each of the instruments in the kit. The kit is easy to store and packs neatly into 2 bamboo baskets. It can easily be split up into smaller sets and shared between different groups. In this kit there is plenty for everyone! For 3 years and over.


N.B. For Early Years settings please note:

A. Our products are musical instruments, not toys, and should always be used under the supervision of responsible educationalists and carers and not left with children under 3 years of age to play with by themselves.

B. Please follow the simple “Good Practice” guidelines set out in the "Traditionally" section below.


For SEN settings: please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.


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This was a fantastic kit which the children absolutely loved. We are very keen on encouraging the children to be creative and active through music and movement and this set definitely supports that. The products are well made, child-friendly and durable. The music cards were well laid out and were full of ideas. The complete set originates from all over the world and allowed us to encourage the children to extend their knowledge of the world as a whole. A definite keeper and highly recommended.
Testers, Practical Preschool Awards
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More about the Lots of Littles Kit - 60 instruments

We decided to put together a huge kit of small instruments because it is so exciting for children to be offered a big quantity of resources. Sometimes children panic when they see there is only one of something and can be put off exploring instruments if they feel they won't have a chance of playing something 'interesting'. We also wanted to create a kit which would accommodate 60 children which means two classes can play together. Sometimes this is useful because some 4 and 5 year olds share one space and therefore it is very difficult to make music together. This kit is particularly amazing for being explored and investigated. Children love taking these instruments out of the baskets and spending lots of time just looking at them, playing them, examining them and swapping them with each other. This type of exploration is valuable for children because they are discovering for themselves how the instruments work, what sound they make, how they compare to one another and so on. All you need to do is oversee. The exploring of so many instruments will engage your children for ages. Because it is a very large kit, it is best if you guide the children a little with exploring and playing just to make sure things don't get too hectic. If you give the children lots of time then they will realise they don't need to rush. Children will want to examine everything and will rush through the initial exploration coming back to explore in more detail if you give them the time. The instruments in this kit cover a huge variety of sounds from different sizes of drums to shakers of all sots, chimes and other metal instruments, resonators, woodblocks, scrapers and unusual sounds such as thunder drums and frog twirlers. We have deliberately included many pairs of instruments which often encourages friends to work together exploring the same instrument. This kit will provide you with all the instruments you could want for young children and because they are small, you'll find that even though there are 60 instruments, they don't take up a lot of space and they have two lovely baskets to go in. You can also divide these instruments amongst several sets of children across your setting so that everyone can have a go. And finally, you are provided with a large-ish drum so that you can take charge! The Lots of Littles Kit has been awarded the Gold Award by the judges of the Practical Preschool Awards 2013 and scored 93.5 points out of a maximum possible of 100.

What's included

Contents: Supermini Kenkeni + 3 Sticks,12cm Djembe, 15cm Djembe, 20cm Djembe, 25cm Djembe, 30cm Djembe, 5 Drum Sticks, 40cm Rainstick, 2 30cm Thunder Drums, Kokokan, 2 Woodpeckers, 2 Pod Shakers, 2 Pangi Bracelet Shakers, 2 Bento Bracelet Shakers, 2 Kenari Bracelet Shakers, Mini Wind Chime, 2 Rainstick Blocks, 2 Coconuts Castanets, 2 Caxixi, 2 Egg on Sticks 9cm, 2 Pad Shakers, 2 Bamboo Shakers, 2 Small Horio Shakers, 2 Pingpong Shakers, 2 Mini Bento Shakers, 2 Mini Kenari Shakers, 2 Clapsticks, 2 Frog Twirlers, 2 Monkey Drums, Cow Bell, Large Frog Scraper, Medium Frog Scraper, Small Frog Scraper, 1 Bar Chime, 2 Egg Shakers 12cm, 2 Egg Shakers 9cm, 2 Egg Shakers 5cm, 2 Pangi Mini Shakers, 30 annA rydeR's Music Cards,"What It's Called + Where It's From" card, Bamboo Basket

What goes well with the Lots of Littles Kit - 60 instruments

This kit is complete but, as the name suggests, doesn't have big instruments so if you want bigger stuff you can combine it with our fantastic Big Stuff Kit which contains big drums, big metallophones, and other big instruments. Lots of Littles is also a great kit for singing your favourite songs together - children love to sing and play an instrument at the same time and are very good at it. This kit is great for the ideas in annA rydeR's Music Cards.

How the Lots of Littles Kit - 60 instruments is made

Good Practice Guide

Early Years Musical Instruments & Music Kits


Please always remember that Sound Children and Drums for Schools Early Years products are musical instruments and NOT toys and should be used with young children only under the close supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. By following these simple guidelines you will ensure the children’s learning, development and enjoyment of playing music, as well as their safety.


  1. Bring the instruments out just for music sessions, and put them away afterwards (the children will love to help!). This keeps the instruments “special” and it avoids any risk of them being damaged in the course of unsupervised play, without your realising it.


  1. Make sure your music sessions take place on a soft surface, whether inside or out. 


  1. By your own example encourage the children to treat the little instruments as we treat full size orchestral instruments - with sensitivity, gentleness and care. 


  1. Never allow children to play with any instrument unless closely supervised and don’t let any child suck or bite any part of any instrument.


  1. Don’t let a child of any age play any musical instrument aggressively, especially close the ear, as we must take care to avoid any risk to their hearing.


  1. After each music session, wipe down the instruments with a damp cloth if they’re grubby (fine to use a mild disinfectant solution) and check for any loose parts (tug on any strings) or cracks. If in any doubt, remove a damaged instrument from use and contact us for further advice (sending us a photo is a good start).


Click to download this Good Practice Guide

Any questions? Email care@drumsforschools.co.uk

How to look after the Lots of Littles Kit - 60 instruments

it's a good idea to incorporate tidying away into your music session with this kit. Involve the children in sorting out, naming, counting and putting away these instruments. They can also check for any damaged instruments such as splits in shakers. Egg shakers can be mended if the split isn't too bad by using electrical tape (or similar) wrapped round and round the shaker. Children love being involved in mending things so this is an opportunity for more learning! Because there are so many instruments, the main thing is to make sure it's all there. Many of the instruments are small so could get lost. Children tend to post or tuck away small things! As with all the kits, you can use the information card to help you check what should be in the kit.