Big Stuff Kit - 14 Instruments

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We're very proud that the Big Stuff Kit has won the the Nursery World Award 2013 for the best equipment for three to fives - please click on the image in the section below to see what the judges said.

The Kit contains a wonderful variety of unusual instruments from all over the world and will expand everyone's musical horizons. There are large and heavier instruments here and it will take up just over a metre of shelf space.

Also included is a full set of 30 Music Cards with hints and ideas for 25 musical play sessions and a "What it's called and where it's from" card, that will give you a little background on each of the instruments in the kit. The kit is suitable for all ages and abilities and up to 14 children can play together, though best for 7 children and adult at a time. Not just for nurseries.

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It has brought out their concentration, they started something and finished it, it developed their independence, they were collaborating with each other and learning together. It has helped their listening and speaking, counting, some real good basic things and developing an understanding of the world
Imagine Nursery, Coventry
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More about the Big Stuff Kit - 14 Instruments

The Big Stuff Kit has been made because we know how much children love playing big instruments. The bigger the better. Playing big instruments is for everyone – in fact we all love playing big stuff!

This makes sense because very young children may not have their fine co-ordination under control and so bigger hitting surfaces are easier for them to hit. But there is something else about big things that children like – it is more physical for them and they may need to move more to make the instruments work. There are big beaters to hold, longer instruments to handle and manipulate and so on. Children are very attracted to this kit and love to try out all the instruments one by one exploring all the sounds and making loud sounds too.

Some of the instruments in this kit such as the long clacker and the large rain-stick are quite interestingly challenging for the children to play because they are long. Children like to discover how best to make the sound happen e.g. with the large rain-stick how to hold it and move it so it will make the rain sound. Most young children are generally not given large objects to handle and manipulate so these instruments are helping with another type of co-ordination.

Big Stuff Kit is excellent for a group of around 10 children and 14 children can play altogether although if you double up on the gamelan (metallophones) then you accommodate as many as 17 although it will be a bit of a squash.

This kit is particularly good outside – it can be quite loud because the instruments are large and it can take up a large space indoors. Outside the sounds carry and can make a great ambient atmosphere for your setting.

You will need some space to store this kit such as some shelves and floor-space in a cupboard. One basket is provided to keep all the not-so-large items and the cards in.

What's included

Contents: Belt Shaker, Bongos, Long Clacker, 4 Note Tong Drum, 40cm Ocean Drum, Giant Bamboo Thunder Drum, 40cm Rainstick, 60cm Rainstick, Ceng Ceng Turtle, 3 Gamelan 4 Note, 50cm Deep Carved Djembe, Kenkeni, 7 Drum Sticks, Drum Hat, 30 annA rydeR's Music Cards, "What It's Called + Where It's From" card, Bamboo Basket


Please note that we're now including new style bongos with this pack. They're lighter and have bigger playing heads.

Teaching support and reviews

This section is going to contain helpful ideas, suggestions and hints for people who are offering music-making to children in all sorts of settings. Watch this space for new material!

What goes well with the Big Stuff Kit - 14 Instruments

The instruments in the Kit should go well with almost any other instruments, whether western or from around the world. The gamelan are tuned to a traditional Balinese scale so they won't quite fit the keys on the piano but otherwise everything will work well.

The Lots of Littles Kit is the perfect partner for the Big Stuff Kit and it has 60 smaller instruments in it. Together they make a fantastic music resource. Another brilliant complement is the Teacher's Kit, which gives you another big drum plus a range of musical and non-musical materials for breaking down the barriers between music and other areas.

Big Stuff Kit also goes well with the Nursery Rhythm Kit which contains mostly hitting instruments. Drums n Eggs is also a good outdoor kit which will work with this kit.

You can also think about mixing more complicated instruments such as ukuleles, accordions and harmonicas with this kit which will make it even more exciting!

How the Big Stuff Kit - 14 Instruments is made

All our instruments are made by hand in Bali from natural, tactile and sustainably grown materials and following Fair Trade principles. Many are made in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low stress, clean and safe type of work. The decorative designs are from paintings by Balinese children. The beautiful and sturdy baskets are woven by hand from bamboo fibres and are traditionally used by the Balinese for carrying offerings to the temple.

These are real musical instruments, not plastic toys: they’re just like professional ones but scaled-down to suit smaller players. Children instinctively appreciate the quality and materials of these instruments and the fact that they’re not being patronised. They also learn to respond in a more sensitive way than with plastic ones.

The instruments are also safe and durable - but remember that babies and small children should always be supervised and please always read the background notes that accompany each Kit.

How to look after the Big Stuff Kit - 14 Instruments

If the instruments get dirty or sticky just wipe them down with a damp cloth and leave them to dry before putting them away. Do try not to let the drumskins get wet as they'll lose their tension and become wrinkled. If this should happen (and it probably will at some point!), then first let the instrument dry out slowly and then, once the wooden part is dry, re-dampen the skin and use a hair dryer to dry it very quickly. Drying the skin quickly will cause the skin to shrink and it should regain its tension. Other than for drying the skins, don't put the instruments on radiators or near heat sources as this can cause the wood to crack.

It's a good idea to keep the musical instruments in the bamboo basket or inside a cupboard when not in use.