Drums 'n' Eggs Kit

Everyone loves big drums and there are some big ones in here!

They can be stacked on top of each other and so take up less space than you'd expect.

Suitable for anyone, and great for playing outdoors and up to 15 children can explore on their own as lots of beaters, beautiful egg shakers and a full set of 30 Music Cards. (Basket not included).

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Our children at pre-school love the instruments and ask daily if they can have them out. I was very pleased with your excellent customer service and delivery was prompt and have no doubt in recommending your company.
Ardleigh Pre-School
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More about the Drums 'n' Eggs Kit

We’ve discovered that these large drums together with the 6 egg shakers are the most robust and popular of all our instruments. The drums are almost indestructible – they can take children sitting on them, rolling on them, dropping them, hitting then with wooden spoons (the spoons tend to break!) and even standing on them. Most of these really should be dissuaded! The eggs are also surprisingly robust and can take gentle-ish rolling on the ground and hard shaking (but not throwing).

These two instruments go together remarkably well and are a great contrast with each other – the low sound of these large furry double-ended drums with the high persistent sound of the small shakers which are all the same size. They also help to encourage extremes of characters to get involved with one another and with the instruments – extrovert, loud children choosing the drums and introvert, shy children choosing the shakers – but not always, so allow them to choose and you might be surprised who chooses what!

There are 9 beaters with this kit which will enable up to 15 children to play together but it’s ideal for a smaller group. You will also often find that one child in particular will like to arrange the drums around herself and play all of them with two beaters.

The 9 beaters will also end up getting sorted and arranged, role-played and use-changed!

This kit is particularly good for outdoor music-making – just leave the kit there for children to find and explore for themselves…

What's included

Contents: Mini Kenkeni, Supermini Kenkeni, Teenyweeny Kenkeni, 9 Drum Sticks, 6 Egg Shakers, 30 annA rydeR's Music Cards, "What It's Called + Where It's From" card

What goes well with the Drums 'n' Eggs Kit

Drums n Eggs goes well with the Big Stuff Kit as it also contains large instruments and is good outside. It includes another larger drum like the ones in Drums n Eggs so with that kit you’ll have 4 really big drums for your children! At least 20 people can play together if you have both kits.

Drums n Eggs will also go well with the Nursery Rhythm Kit and the Nursery Shaker Kit as these kits have either shakers – like the eggs – or rhythmic instruments – like the drums.

How to look after the Drums 'n' Eggs Kit

If you leave these drums outside and they get wet, you’ll probably find that the playing surfaces will go floppy and not play very well. The skins are made of goat. Just place them in a warm and dry place and skins with gradually re-tighten themselves. If you leave these drums wet and they are not dried properly, they will get mouldy so just make sure they are dry.

Check the eggs for splits in the surfaces – you can actually bind electrical tape (or similar) around the egg shakers which will fix them for a long while. Get the children involved if this happens as it’s exciting for them to contribute to discussions and ideas about mending instruments and how it happened. It will also encourage children to take ownership of the instruments and you’ll be less likely to have breakages.

The drums can be piled on top of one another in a cupboard but don’t do this in the classroom or room with children as they can be unstable and fall over. It will not damage them to pile them up.