Jumbie Jam steel pan - desk top - blue

The Jumbie Jam is a high quality, entry level Steel Drum Musical Instrument. It is easy for anyone to play and makes learning music fun. A blend of simple design, durability and ease of teaching/learning makes the Jumbie Jam a fantastic instrument for music education . . . and pupils love it!

The Jumbie Jam is smaller than a full size Steel Drum and has 8 notes (which are labeled and tuned to the scale of G) as opposed to the complex 32 note and expensive full size drum. The Steel Drum is a multi-faceted instrument providing both percussive and melodic musical capabilities creating a well rounded musical experience. The students are not overwhelmed and intimidated by the Jumbie Jam ensuring an effective and immediate learning experience.

The Jumbie Jam was selected for a "Best Tools for Schools" award by NAMM (US National Association of Music Merchants) and recognised as a musical instrument that provides innovative solutions and opportunities for music learning. Also noted were the teacher guides and song books assisting the teacher to incorporate the Jumbie Jam into their existing music classroom or teaching it as a new group instrument.

The Jumbie is available in 4 colours – pink, blue, grey and purple - and in full height and desk top versions. This is the blue desk top version. There are also 5 and 15 Jumbie packs which give you even more discount from the RRP.


All Jumbies are ready to play and come fully packaged in a colorful carrying case which includes, High Quality Steel Drum, Desk Top Collapsible Stand, Mallets and Beginners Guide with Play-Along-CD. The American Beginner's Guide tells you all you need to know to be able to immediately launch a JJ class. 6 easy to teach and learn songs - written in both musical notation and simply by the note letter along with right and left sticking and a Play-Along-CD of each song as 3 tracks (with & without accompaniment), Playing Techniques and Instrument Care,  Cultural Information - Origin of the Drum and the culture surrounding it.

4+ Years
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After teaching music to children for 20 years, the Jumbie Jam has come to be the most fun method of teaching music to students I have known. Even the most difficult and hard-to-reach students connect with the Jumbie and claim it as their own. I do not have any discipline issues when I teach the Jumbie. Students immediately engage in this fun instrument and are learning the power of music before they even realize it. Students who have never experienced making music, now LOVE music class and this fun and contagious style of music.
Music Insructor, West Chester Academy of Music
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More about the Jumbie Jam steel pan - desk top - blue

You don’t have to know how to read music to play the Jumbie as the notes on the drum and song books are marked by the note letter. Consequently any level player can enjoy immediate success even if they don’t know how to read music. There are a number of song books available that include a Play-Along-CD, allowing the player to play on their own or jam with the band. The books also include multiple parts providing material to create a Jumbie Jam band or can be played with other instruments promoting family music making. ADVANTAGES FOR PUPILS

  • It's a new, exciting instrument with "street cred".
  • Students can play a JJ without any prior instrumental skills
  • It gives instant success and satisfaction.
  • Pupils get to the music quickly as the notes are labeled with matching sheet music.
  • Students will have total focus using their right and left brain.
  • An "active" pupil who may struggle in other areas will learn how to focus having the freedom to move while playing the Jumbie Jam.


  • Simple and durable design.
  • No breathing control issues.
  • No difficult and awkward fingerings to negotiate.
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination / motor skills.
  • Easy to Play - giving an immediate feeling of success.
  • Height adjustable stand built to table top mode for wheelchair accessibility
  • Inclusive as special needs pupils can play the JJ with the other students.

What's included

Originating in the country of Trinidad & Tobago and originally made from recycled steel storage drums, the steel pan is a culturally rich instrument providing lots of opportunity for cross curricular studies. Steel pans are also the mainstay of summer carnivals around the UK, especially the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which brings together an amazing array of steel bands from all over the UK.

What goes well with the Jumbie Jam steel pan - desk top - blue

Try with other Jumbie Jams and full size tuned pans. The Jumbies are in the key of G. Also goes well with hand percussion of all sorts. Have a look also at the selection of teaching materials that are available under Other / Teaching Resources.

How the Jumbie Jam steel pan - desk top - blue is made

This original and award winning Steel Drum is designed and manufactured in the USA by Panyard, Inc. World Leaders in Steel Drums and Accessories, using a patented automated manufacturing process.

How to look after the Jumbie Jam steel pan - desk top - blue

The Jumbie Jam is very well made and can be played in any conditions but always dry and clean after use and store in dry conditions and away from extremes of temperature.