Dream Drum Kit

Our Dream Drum Kit was the Winner of the Nursery World Awards for equipment in 2012.

The judge said it is "A unique resource with a unique sound. It allows for creative skills to be developed together."

The Dream Drum is a pitched percussion instrument that's so easy and satisfying to play that it really is an instrument for everyone, from Early Years to getting on in Years and it's particularly brilliant in SEN settings. 


You can play it solo, you can play “four hands” (or more), you can add simple percussion instruments, you can sing along, add melodic instruments, use as a sound background for story-telling, you can play in small groups . . . and much more.


N.B. For SEN settings - please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials. 


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More about the Dream Drum Kit

This instrument is amazing as it’s such a resonant and beautiful sound as well as great-looking. It entices everyone. It’s made of a recycled gas canister which has had tongues cut into the top which are specially tuned to make 9 different tones.

It’s especially good for that one child who doesn’t enjoy working with others and likes to be alone.

It’s important that you always use the beaters which came with the kit as these are quite specialised. They have very soft hitting surfaces so that the sound is best. If it’s hit with hard beaters or with metal spoons or suchlike, it will not only be very loud and uncomfortable to listen to but it may also damage the surface of the instrument and put the notes out of tune.

The Dream Drum Kit is particularly good used outdoors as the sound carries beautifully. The drum can be shared by up to 4 young children but is very good with 2 children or a child or two with an adult. It also comes with a special booklet which tells you more about how to play the instrument if you want to take it further. However – the Dream Drum is immediately easy to play and doesn’t need special musical experience!

The Dream Drum comes in its own padded canvas carry bag, together with three different beaters, a drum stand made from banana leaves, a short guide "Introducing the Dream Drum" and a set of stick-on numbers in case you'd like to number the keys from 1 to 9.

What's included

Contents: Dream Drum, 1 double-ended soft suede beater, 1 rubber disc beater, 1 green felt beaters, banana leaf doughnut-shaped Dream Drum stand, padded and zipped bag with carrying strap, "What It's Called + Where It's From" card, Dream Drum Booklet with more details on how to play it, set of numbered stickers (for optional use).

What goes well with the Dream Drum Kit

Because the Dream Drum is unique in its sound and is quite resonant, it tends not be a very rhythmic instrument so it’s best combined with other resonant instruments such as the gamelan instruments in the Big Stuff Kit. It will also go nicely with the Egg Basket because shakers will not overpower the sound. Being a good outside instrument, it will also be great with the Drums n Eggs kit.

Be aware, though, that if you are using instruments with hard beaters at the same time as the Dream Drum, children will inevitably try to hit the Dream Drum with other types of beaters. It won’t do any harm if children are able to understand why it isn’t a good idea and then use the right beaters – this is worth trying rather than just assuming they won’t be able to understand. If you haven’t time or energy to sort this out then using instruments without beaters will be easy!

The Dream Drum is an unusual sound and would sound interesting if combined with other unusual sounds such as that made by the thunder-drum or rainstick or frog twirler or kokokan.

Nursery World Award 2012 - Dream Drum - Best Resource for 3s to 5s

How the Dream Drum Kit is made

The Dream Drum is based on the Tank Drum, which was designed by the ingenious American inventor, Denis Havlena and it's made from a recycled LPG container. Ours are made in Bali from recycled gas containers that were formerly used for household cooking.

You can make your own dream drum - but it does require a certain amount of dedication, practical skills and some basic tools. For full details visit Denis Havlena's website (where you'll also find lots of other brilliant ideas).

How to look after the Dream Drum Kit

The Dream Drum is virtually indestructible but the keys will go out of tune if they're bashed really hard and the paint will chip if you use sharp stone or metal objects to hit it. But other than that don't worry too much as the only maintenance it's likely to need is a wipe-down with a damp cloth from time to time.

There is, anyway, a booklet which comes with the kit and it tells you more about the Dream Drum and also shows you how to look after this instrument. The main things to remember when deciding whether to get this for your children is that it needs to be played using the correct beaters and mustn’t be hit hard with the wrong beaters. It can’t be left outside in the rain as it could rust although accidentally overnight wouldn’t do it any harm.

Make sure children are supervised if they wish to carry the instrument themselves as it’s quite heavy. It does come in it’s own bag with a carrying strap but children love to carry it about once it’s on its stand. An adult will find it easy to pick it up by the hole in the bottom – see video for how to pack away.