Squeezer shaker

This is a wonderful little instrument, great for all ages and made from the goatskin left over from the drum-making process.

It can be shaken and squeezed at the same time which makes a very interesting set of sounds.

As well as being a great little shaker (in class try using them for emphasising syllables, for counting and lots more), children enjoy decorating them. Goatskin - which is after all what we used to call parchment - can be written on in pencil, ink, felt-tip or watercolours.

They are also included in our Nursery Shaker, Musical Baby Bonding and Musical Baby Bonding Professionals Music Kits.


N.B. For SEN settings - please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

4+ Month
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More about the Squeezer shaker

To play, simply hold between your thumb and forefinger (or fingers) and alternately squeeze and release as you shake. When you squeeze the note goes up; when you release the pressure, the note goes down. Try one in each hand for extra excitement.

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