Mini kenkeni - bamboo - 12" diameter, 35cm high

A kenkeni is super double-ended "dundun" stye drum that's brilliant for very young children. This one is our 3rd smallest kenkeni and is great for young children but good for any age.

These drums are made from fast-growing bamboo and are really tough. They're great favourites with young players and can be used outdoors providing they're kept reasonably dry. The skins are extra tough goatskin and will withstand years and years of use.

It is extremely robust and comes with a good soft beater. The drum itself is very tactile – made of bamboo, animal hide, string – and makes a satisfying thud. It isn’t particularly loud and is small enough for children to carry themselves.

This is one of the kenkenis in our Drums n Eggs Kits.

This is an extra small kenkeni, smaller than the smallest of the fullsize set of 3 drums in a dundun set. It's approx 30cm in diameter and 35cm high and is made from bamboo for minimal environmental impact, light weight and great value. The heads are extra-thick goatskin and each set comes complete with a double-ended beater (wood and padded) to give an even wider range of sounds.


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It is very satisfying to play as you just hit it with the beaters provided. You can play it by standing it on its end and just playing the uppermost surface or you can put it on its side and play both ends. As it has a handle you can pick it up with one hand and play it with the other.

The traditional way of playing this drum is more technical but this drum is ideal for very young children right up to adults, to explore in their own ways.

These dun-dun types of drums are incredibly robust and will take children sitting on them, hitting them hard or leaving them outside in the damp. (Don't leave them out in the rain for long though!)

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A Dunun (also known as dundun, doundoun, or djun-djun) is the generic name for a family of West African Bass Drums that developed alongside the djembe in the Mande drum ensemble. It is related in construction to the gungon or brekete bass drums of northern Ghana, except that the gungon uses a single snare on the drum face to produce a buzzing sound absent in the dunun. There are different sizes of dunduns, ranging from 25 to 60 cm. Basing on the size, construction technique and tuning, there are different names for each type of dundun. Some of the most often used names are konkoni, kenkeni, sangban, dununba, djeli-dun, etc.

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