Loopy agogo shaker

The Loopy Agogo Shaker is a brilliant instrument ¥__ very tactile, very versatile and very satisfying to play for beginners and professionals. From an SEN angle it encourages a range of physical movement and is great for practising grip.

3+ Years
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More about the Loopy agogo shaker

Grip the loopy part and shake. Try short and also wider movements and see how the wooden balls hiit the agogo with different attack. See how faster and slower shaking also changes the sound and feel.

What's included

A brand new insturmen t_ but one inspired by traditional maracas and agogo.

What goes well with the Loopy agogo shaker

Goes well with all osrts of other percussion instruments or as backing for guitar and vocals. Gives an extra sound dimension in situations where you might otherwise have settled for maracas.

How the Loopy agogo shaker is made

The Loopy Agogo Shaker is made from rattan and fruit husks (the agogo bit) and the shaker sound comes from lots of tiny plastic beads inside the rattan body.

How to look after the Loopy agogo shaker

To clean, just wipe the Loppy Aogog Shaker over with a damp cloth.