Our discount policy

The 30% discount is available to all educational and not-for-profit customers in the private and state sectors, including:

  • Local Authorities, Hubs and Music Services
  • Early Years settings, including Preschools, Nurseries, Surestarts, Stay and Plays, Creches . . .
  • Childminders
  • Schools - Primary and Secondary
  • Further education establishments
  • Special needs establishments
  • Independent music and special needs teachers
  • Music workshop organizers and facilitators
  • Home Educators
  • Hospitals and Healthcare organisations
  • Prisons and Detention Centres
  • Youth clubs
  • Voluntary organizations
  • Drumming circles
  • Social clubs and Charities

The 15% discount is available to:

  • Students (of any age) who are in full or part-time education (of any type)
  • Musicians, whether amateur or professional
  • Members of families buying instruments for family use
  • Customers not part of any of the above groups but who buy over the internet

If you don't fit on either of the lists above and think you should still have a discount, do get in touch. If you're going to be using our instruments to help spread music-making then you almost certainly qualify.

To claim your discount 

Go to LOG IN and set up an account. Once you've clicked the button that best describes you or your organization type and successfully completed the account set-up page, you'll see a message "X% Discount Applied" at the top right of the screen in the Shopping Basket Summary box. From then on, every time you log back in, all the prices on the site will be automatically reduced by the discount amount.