Keep your teaching fresh, fun and effective by accessing the best musical ideas, resources and research. Here you'll find open-ended Lesson Ideas, fascinating Research snippets and further reading suggestions, Video Examples of good early years music-making practice, Product information and lists of tried and tested Songs & Rhymes.

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In this section you'll find lots of ideas for stimulating music sessions that are fun to run, which have a sound educational base and which will help both you and the children to develop real musicianship. You won't need a musical background or any special training to be able to put these ideas into practice - just an open mind and a willingness to learn alongside the children. There's Orly Zalel's Musical Baby Bonding Guide containing a course of mini sessions for babies and new parents (or professionals looking after babies and their care-givers) and there's annA rydeR's set of 30 brilliantly quirky Music Cards for 1s to 5s. We'll be adding more lesson ideas and some free downloads soon. [...]
Here you'll find a selection of the best current scientific and music education research to provoke and inspire you and keep you one step ahead. Carefully selected for interest and relevance and available as downloads or links. There are suggestions for further reading as well as short video presentations and journal articles.
A selection of short video clips showing the Sound Children and Musical Baby Bonding approaches in practice in a variety of settings. We'll be adding videos showing you how to play all the Sound Children instruments . . . soon . . .
Coming Soon
This section is empty at the moment but here we'll be putting downloadable info sheets and background information on all the Sound Children Kits and musical instruments.
A treasure trove of folk songs and nursery rhymes available for download from the website as PDFs and mp3 recordings.