Our approach is so natural and intuitive (and the teaching materials supplied with each Kit are so good!)| that any enthusiastic care-giver should be able to get started by themselves and see results right away. But adding some training can pay real dividends: speeding up the transfer of expertise| boosting your confidence and helping you tune the approach to the realities of your setting and the specific needs of your children. See below for details of tailor-made training for the professionals at your setting| regional training days and online Skype training sesssions.

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Training for Practitioners and Parents Training in the acclaimed Musical Baby Bonding approach by MBB founder Orly Zalel. There are one-to-one and one-to-group Skype consultations and also two levels of Teacher Training certification: Level One for practitioners wishing to teach one-to-one and the additional Level Two for practitioners wishing also to teach groups of up to 8 parents with their babies. These are online/Skype training courses for individual practitioners. The training will be delivered one-to-one by Orly. The course can be completed at a rate which is convenient for the trainee and Orly. Orly also provides on-going support by email.  Please note that a good internet connection is essential for both consultat [...]
Training for Practitioners and Parents Training in the Sound Children approach| delivered over Skype| in-setting or at home by our small team of experts. There are half and full day sessions and alsoone-to-one and one-to-group Skype sessions. Please note that half and full day sessions are only currently available within easy driving distance of Warwick| Malvern| London and the south west. [...]